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'Hounds please'- Usually called the meet to signal that the hounds are setting off, please move out of the way to let hounds and hunt staff through

'Hounds/Whip on your right/left'- A hound or whip are coming through the field on the left/right, please move over to let them pass

'Ware hold/wire on the left/right'- Someone has spotted a hole/wire on the left/right. Pass this message back down the field to warn other rides

'Hold hard'- This is often accompanied by a raised hand, or a hand behind the back, you must stop immediately and pass the message back

'Head land/single file'- You must stay single file against the edge of the field; this usually applies to a drilled field or wet land

'Gate please' Pass the message down the field and whoever is last must close the gate. It is polite for someone to wait with whoever is shutting the gate to avoid their horse wanting to follow the rest of the field

'Car please'- A car is trying to pass through, move to a safe place (like the verge) to let the past 

The 'Lingo': The ‘Lingo’
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