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The Rockwood Harriers were first established by Walter Norton of Denby Dale in 1867, whom was a keen sportsman and stayed master of the harriers for many years. The kennels are situated in the heart of the Yorkshire countryside. Hounds hunt a pre laid trial, (hunting a rag pulled by a horse/runner) for across many miles, followed by mounted riders, known as the ‘field’, over a variety of terrain; which can include many different fences. We try to ensure that all of our meets also cater for the non jumping field. Both fields have a dedicated field master, who will help you cross the terrain. 

The country lies in West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire. Our meets take place on a Saturday, by the invitation of farmers and landowners at some of the most incredible land available across Yorkshire. 
The hunting year is divided into 3 distinguishable parts- over the summer months we hold ambles and fun rides, ideal for newcomers and children to get experience riding together in a group! These are social rides and a great opportunity to ride out without hounds! After that, there is hounds exercises, these are a excellent place to experience a meet that is of a slightly faster pace than the fun rides along with the added exhilaration of following the hounds across country!  Then we go on to full hunt meets after our opening meet in November, the hounds sing and we kick on!! 
So please come and join us and experience the adventure of riding with us, The Rockwood Harriers!! 

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