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The tradition of hunting usually involves a lot of etiquette but do not be worried! A lot of it is common sense and safety! It is important to remember and pay your respects to the farmers and landowners that let us cross their land, as without them we wouldn't be able to go hunting! 

When you arrive to the meet please make yourself known to the cap secretary. N.B It is advisable to call beforehand to confirm the venue. 

If you have any questions on the day, one of the Masters or the Secretary will be there to help you

Give priority to hounds and hunt staff

Horses should be smartly turned out and plaited if possible, expect for hound exercise

A green ribbon should be worn in your horses tail if it is young or inexperienced and a red ribbon if your horse is prone to kick. If you wear a red ribbon please ensure that you stay at the back of the field

When jumping give the person in front of you enough time to clear the fence, this is especially important when jumping larger fences. Queue for the fence, do not cut anyone up! 

Report any broken fences as soon as safe to do so to the field master 

Follow the instructions your field master gives 

All car followers must stay on roads and tracks, do not venture onto farmland, unless expressively asked to do so by one of the hunt staff


Hound exercising - hacking jackets, tweed or rat catchers with a shirt and tie, beige jodhpurs, long boots 

Hunting - formal dress - black (or blue for ladies) jackets, white stock, beige jodhpurs, long boots 

Hunting Etiquette: Hunting Etiquette
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